Bankruptcy in a Global Pandemic

With Pandemic comes Bankruptcy. The United States Bankruptcy Courts have reflected an astonishing increase in Bankruptcy filings since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic in early March. It’s not just Hertz Rental Car and J.C. Penney that are feeling the…
Mark Johnson
June 16, 2020

Notarizations in California During COVID-19

During this pandemic, many clients are wondering what accommodations are being made for the notarization of important documents such as real estate records, bonds, releases and indemnity agreements. California law requires that certain documents, such as powers of attorney, or…
Michael Murray
May 20, 2020

L&H Prevails at Trial on Behalf of Surety

In an expedited jury trial, Lanak & Hanna defended a surety against a homeowner’s claim for recovery on a contractor’s license bond for violations of the Business & Profession Code sections requiring written home improvement contracts. The jury was persuaded…
Amber Kim
December 3, 2019

Featured L&H Attorney: Thomas Padian

Associate Attorney Thomas Padian is licensed in California and Nevada, representing Lanak & Hanna clients in all aspects of construction litigation, commercial collections, and surety matters. Thomas Padian can be contacted at or (714) 451-7921.
Thomas Padian
December 3, 2019