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L&H Handles Much More Than Litigation

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Construction Litigation

At Lanak & Hanna, our clients know that we’re able to handle their pre-litigation, as well as their litigation needs. However, not all of our clients are presently aware that we also capably handle a wide array of other business needs which are unrelated to litigation.

Our firm’s primary goal is to invest our legal resources and expertise into our clients’ overall success. We approach this by collaborating and counseling our clients as it relates to both litigation as well as transactional / business legal needs, in order to provide the comprehensive suite of services that their businesses demand.

As a firm, Lanak & Hanna offers counsel and advice on a broad range of legal issues facing our client’s businesses on a daily basis. These matters include entity selection, employment issues, regulatory matters, corporate governance and commercial transactions of all kinds. Additionally, we have longstanding relationships with other professionals with whom we collaborate with in order to advise and inform our clients on other significant issues which impact their businesses, including taxation and the overall financial health of their companies.

Too often, many clients wait until things turn ugly and there is a conflict before they call us. While our firm prides itself on the positive outcomes we have historically been able to achieve for our clients with their litigation needs, we also want our clients to have an understanding of the comprehensive services that we are able to provide them with, in order to maximize the success, and the overall efficiency of their businesses.

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