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Lanak & Hanna environmental lawyer, Mark D. Johnson, has vast experience helping clients from various industries solve problems regarding the regulation, remediation and damages resulting from various environmental issues, including environmental exposures to air, water and soil caused by a multitude of contaminants or pollutants. This experience includes environmental lawsuits and litigation regarding nuisance trespass and various toxic torts as well as many environmental statutes and regulations, including the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, CERCLA, RCRA, the Toxic Substances Account Act, California’s Proposition 65, California’s Porter-Cologne Water Quality Act, the California Hazardous Substance Account Act, and the California Coastal Act.

Lanak & Hanna environmental lawyer, Mark D. Johnson, counsels clients regarding compliance with environmental statutes and regulations.

As a landowner, business owner or operator it is crucial to know and comply with all local, regional, and federal environmental regulations and partner with a knowledgeable environmental lawyer who can walk you through the process.

Mark defends clients in environmental enforcement actions brought by various government agencies, including the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the California Air Resources Board, the California Department of Toxic Substances Control, various California water quality control boards and the South Coast Air Quality District. He works with businesses and organizations looking to comply with environmental regulations, property owners or businesses involved in civil actions regarding contaminated property, environmental site assessments, and EPA cases or violations. Our environmental lawyer also represents clients in challenges to environmental impact reports and statements for proposed property developments or projects under CEQA and NEPA.

If you or your business has been notified of an environmental violation, an environmental contamination or exposure claim or lawsuit, or need to ensure compliance with environmental regulations, our environmental lawyer will guide you through every step of the process.

Our veteran environmental justice lawyer.

Clients turn to our veteran environmental justice lawyer for his expansive knowledge and expert advice on handling conflicts and achieving positive outcomes for those negatively impacted. Contact Mark to learn more and to discuss any environmental justice issue.

Toxic tort claims management and defense.

Landowners and businesses work with our environmental lawyer because he is an expert in managing toxic tort claims. Mark has a deep knowledge and the courtroom experience to help clients respond to and defend all major types of toxic tort claims, including claims exposures to asbestos, benzene and other petroleum products, fertilizers, silica, talc, and a variety of other hazardous substances. Our environmental lawyer have experience representing manufacturers, property owners, contractors, and other businesses in toxic tort lawsuits.  Environmental regulations and toxic torts can be complex and technical in nature, but our attorney has the experience and knowledge to manage these lawsuits and resolve these court cases.


If your property interest or company is involved in a hazardous substance contamination of soil or groundwater or is dealing with a claim of personal injury or wrongful death resulting from an environmental exposure or a toxic tort, contact our environmental lawyer today to determine your next steps.


Our Attorney Specializing in Environmental Law

Whether you need assistance with environmental regulation compliance, a lawsuit or violation, or a toxic tort, Lanak & Hanna can help.

Lanak & Hanna Attorney Mark Johnson provides legal counsel on:

Environmental Lawsuits
Environmental Regulations
Toxic Torts
Environmental Justice
Water & Soil Contamination
PFAs and Stormwater
Hazardous and Dangerous Materials Damages
Proposition 65
Asbestos Violations
Vapor Intrusions
Petroleum Products Exposure
Civil Actions Against Toxic Exposure
Wetlands Usage and Restrictions
Renewable Energy Projects
Land Usage Cases
Environmental Impact Statements

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