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We have assisted clinical laboratories and other providers in getting paid for their services and successfully litigated complex areas of the law related to these claims.

Numerous changes arising from the Federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the California Knox-Keene Act, the Health & Safety Code, and numerous other regulations impact the method and manner by which health care services are provided, performed, and delivered. The complexity of these changes relate not only to the law, but the interplay between patients, physicians, medical groups, health plans, and other government and commercial entities.

To guide clients and resolve their Health Care-related matters, Lanak & Hanna provides advice and counsel to help our clients before small problems become big problems, and to invoke all appropriate remedies, in litigation or otherwise.

Our detailed knowledge of & experience in health care law relates to:

Independent Physician Associations (IPA)
Fee for Service
Risk Bearing Organization
Health Care Service Plan
Knox-Keene Act
Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO)
Healthcare Litigation
Product Suppliers and Distributors
Pharmaceutical Drugs
Regulatory Compliance

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