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Employment Law – Services We Offer

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Employment law is an important field, and employment law attorneys provide valuable services for companies. At Lanak & Hanna, we offer advice and counseling to employers who are facing employee disputes and claims of various types. That includes litigation and arbitration.

Wages, Hours, and Penalty Assessments

One of the areas where employers can get counsel is wage and hour claims. If you’re an employer and concerned that an employee might sue you for a wage or hour issue, or if an employee has started a lawsuit in this area, you need to work with employment law attorneys to protect your interests. We can help you explore your legal options and address any concerns you have.

You also need to work with an attorney for any civil wage or penalty assessments that may be affecting your company. Whether or not an employee has a valid case against you, it’s still vital to retain legal counsel to aggressively defend your business and your rights. Ignoring an employee’s concern won’t make it go away, and if there’s a legal case against you, you’ll want trusted attorneys on your side.

Prevailing wage law also has to be followed and employees who claim you haven’t paid the prevailing wage for a project could bring suit against you. Defending yourself matters, and you don’t want to do that on your own. Retaining legal counsel ensures that your rights are protected, and you’re meeting your legal responsibilities.

Termination, Protection, and Employee Rights

Dealing with employment law issues as an employer isn’t always about facing suit from an employee. There may also be times when you need to take action against an employee and want to be sure you’re handling the issue appropriately.

For example, if you want to fire an employee for problems with their performance, misconduct, bad behavior, or similar reasons, you should speak to the employment law attorneys at Lanak & Hanna first. Some employees who are fired for these kinds of reasons may try to sue, and you need to be sure your firing of that employee was justified.

Having an employment law attorney assist with termination services that include waivers, releases, and confidentiality agreements that are legally binding helps protect your company. This ensures that any termination is handled correctly, and reduces the risk of an employee bringing suit against you for that termination.

Employment policies, manuals, and handbooks contain many of the protections you need as an employer. If you don’t have updated materials, employment law attorneys can help you with these items, too. That way you can feel confident that you’re following all the proper employment laws and protecting yourself and your company.

If you’re faced with any kind of administrative or legal challenge from an employee based on wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, retaliation, or something else, reaching out to an attorney is the right choice. Consulting with a lawyer will help you develop an overarching strategy that lets you respond to the challenge and minimize any impact that challenge will have on your company.

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