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Lanak & Hanna Obtains Complete Jury Trial Victory!

By October 7, 2022May 7th, 2024No Comments

Congratulations to Principal Attorney Mac W. Cabal for obtaining a complete defense verdict and cross-complaint award after a nine-day jury trial!

The case surrounded the construction of a pool, spa, waterfall, and deck.  The plaintiffs were the homeowners that contracted to build the project at their personal residence in Manhattan Beach, California.  Lanak & Hanna’s clients were the pool contractor and its owner.  The homeowners brought a lawsuit seeking hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages against the pool contractor and its owner, personally, claiming numerous construction defects, property damage, and project delays.  In response, the pool contractor filed a cross-complaint for the balance due on the contract.

After a nine-day trial, the jury unanimously agreed with Lanak & Hanna’s clients, awarding nothing to the Plaintiffs, and instead finding in favor of the pool contractor and its owner on the cross-complaint.  A clean sweep. Mr. Cabal’s cross-examination of the Plaintiffs and their expert was devastating to their case and proved a major turning point in the trial with Plaintiffs withdrawing a number of their defect claims during the proceeding.  Lanak & Hanna’s clients now move for an award of their attorneys’ fees and costs as the prevailing parties.

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