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Associate Attorney Lauren Stec successfully protested two bids on behalf its general contractor client on a 2-million-dollar city police department renovation project.

Lanak & Hanna’s general contractor client was originally the fourth lowest bidder on the project. The lowest bidder withdrew its bid for clerical error. Ms. Stec protested the second and third lowest bidders as non-responsive for failure to submit bids in compliance with the Information for Bidders. The public entity not only determined that Ms. Stec’s bid protest prevailed against both the second and third lowest bidders but also rejected the bid protests submitted by the second and third lowest bidder against Lanak & Hanna’s general contractor client for failure to meet the procedural requirements to submit a bid protest. The victory resulted in the public entity’s award of the project to Lanak & Hanna’s general contractor client.

Please join us in congratulating Ms. Stec.


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