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Increasing competition in today’s market makes guarding intellectual property (IP) and proprietary technologies a challenge. Companies must also tread carefully when it comes to IP liability and infringement. It’s critical to have an experienced IP attorney on your side. 

We understand your business and how technology impacts you.  

Our intellectual property attorneys gather extensive knowledge of your businesses so we can truly understand how and when you will be impacted by technology. Our collaborative approach ensures we “get” your business and various threats to your intellectual property or claims of intellectual property infringement. 

We work to protect your business and intellectual assets. 

Whether you are looking to proactively protect your proprietary technology or guard against intellectual property infringement, we treat your challenges as our challenges. We focus on protecting your vital assets and ensuring the proper future protections are in place. Our team works closely with you to safeguard your business and technology. 

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Our Attorneys Specializing in Intellectual Property & Technology

Our focus is on securing & protecting your intellectual property and technology.

We provide legal counsel on:

Patent Prosecution/Litigation/Assessment
Due Diligence and Strategic Counseling
Trademark Procurement and Litigation
Copyright Procurement and Litigation
Trade Secret and Unfair Competition Litigation
False Advertising Litigation

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