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You don’t have the bandwidth to dispute liability or to collect compensation. You need an expert surety law advisor to work towards an efficient resolution.

Our attorneys are well-versed in all areas of surety law, subrogation and indemnity. We represent all parties to a surety bond, including both corporate sureties and contractors or owners. Our focus on surety bond cases is to provide clear advice on all aspects of surety law that arise and also against sureties relating to the same issues.

Our surety law attorneys work in collaboration with you.  

Surety, subrogation and indemnity often involve complex contracts and highly technical language. Our surety law attorneys have the knowledge and experience to work collaboratively with you and clearly communicate regarding issues throughout the entire process. Clear communication is essential and we believe that includes taking the time to explain your options.


Surety, Subrogation & Indemnity

Our team is experienced & knowledgeable in surety law, subrogation & indemnity.

We provide legal counsel on:

Construction Contracts
Permit and License Bonds
Probate and Other Court Required Bonds
Subdivision Bonds
Financial Guaranty Bonds
Other Miscellaneous Bonds

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The legal doctrine whereby one person takes over the rights or remedies of another against a third party.  In the insurance and surety field, when the insurance carrier or surety pay a claim, they are subrogated to or substituted in to the rights of the payee against the person or entity that caused the damages that were paid for by the insurer or surety.



The compensation of a person or entity for the damages or loss that it incurred or might incur. Lanak & Hanna has extensive knowledge and experience in the law of subrogation and indemnity and regularly recovers damages and losses for clients by way of subrogation or indemnity contracts. It also counsels clients that seek indemnification or against whom recovery is sought by way of subrogation or indemnity.



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