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Top 5 Reasons Businesses End Up in Commercial Litigation

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If you have a business, unfortunately, there is always a risk of ending up in litigation. Most disputes don’t make it that far, and are settled before leading to court. However, there are some times when that doesn’t work out, and you need the services of experienced litigation attorneys. Here are the five main reasons you might end up in litigation with your business.

1. Partnership Disputes

Usually everything begins great when starting a partnership, but unfortunately it doesn’t always stay that way. Over time, people’s values, ideas, and goals can change. If you and your business partner do not change in similar ways, or in ways that complement each other, you may find that you are not getting along the way you used to. These disagreements can lead to disputes that don’t have easy answers, or that are not going to be settled without an impartial third party.

2. Shareholder Disputes

Shareholders have a vested interest in how a business is operating. If they are upset with your company’s operations, they might look to legal channels to force compliance or change. Naturally, that can have a significant effect on how you handle your business, and you may need attorneys to settle the issue(s). It’s important not to take shareholder complaints lightly, as you want to get them resolved efficiently.

3. Employment Disputes

Employees have rules and regulations they have to follow. In return, they expect fair compensation, a safe and secure working environment, and anything they are promised in their offer of employment. If an employee or group of employees do not feel your company is following the law or honoring its obligations, they may initiate a dispute that can make its way to court.

4. Breach of Contract

Breaching a contract is serious. Whether a representative of your business failed to honor its obligations under a contract, another party did not fulfill their obligations to your company, or the parties can not agree on who’s right or wrong, litigation may be needed to resolve this dispute. You will need an experienced litigation attorney who can help provide your case and that your company honored its obligations under the contract.

5. Customer Disputes

Just like employees, vendors, shareholders, and others involved in your business, customers can have disputes with your company. They may argue that they didn’t receive a product or service, it was not as it was described, or it even injured them. It’s very important to work with commercial attorneys for these cases, because your business could be facing a serious risk of legal and financial issues if the matter isn’t resolved in your favor.

Work With Trusted Commercial Attorneys Today

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