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Lanak & Hanna Essential Workforce Operations During COVID-19 Shut Down

By March 24, 2020November 25th, 2021No Comments
Covid 19 operations

As a Professional Services provider of legal support to the Critical Sectors of Construction, Healthcare, and Financial Services, Lanak & Hanna, P.C. is deemed an “essential workforce.”  As such, we are permitted to and are conducting in-office operations to the extent necessary to fully serve our clients.  In addition to our usual practice areas, we are also providing guidance and support on compliance with and exceptions to the COVID-19 regulations as they effect the various businesses and industries that we serve.

At the same time, we remain intensely focused on assuring the health and safety of our employees, clients, and others with whom we may interact. As such, we will be limiting our in-office staffing (with others working remotely) and taking extra precautions to maintain healthy workspaces for all employees and visitors to the office, in full compliance with all recommended protection procedures and guidelines.

To facilitate contact with the appropriate member of our attorney team during this period of uncertainty, the following is a complete list of attorneys, their practice areas, and mobile numbers.

Frank J. Lanak, Principal
Surety Law, Construction Law, Commercial Collections, Real Property Law, Creditors’ Rights
Office: (714) 451-7726

Craig P. Bronstein, Principal
Construction and Commercial Claims and Collections
Office: (714) 451-7604

Colin K. McCarthy, Principal
Construction Litigation, Surety Litigation, Business Litigation
Office: (714) 451-7409

Michael K. Murray, Principal
Business Litigation, Construction Litigation, Commercial Collections
Office: (714) 451-7879

Mac W. Cabal, Senior Counsel
Surety Law, Business Litigation, Construction Litigation, Health Care Law, Commercial Collections
Office: (714) 451-7862

Natasha K. Buchanan, Senior Counsel
Labor Law, Surety Litigation, Business Litigation, Construction Litigation
Office: (714) 451-7882

Tracy A. Stevenson, Senior Counsel
Probate Administration and Litigation, Trust Administration, Conservatorship, Surety Law
Office: (714) 451-7923

Jim H. Millane, Senior Counsel
Business Formation and Litigation, Construction Law, General Liability, Design Professional Law, Intellectual Property
Office: (714) 451-7754

Mark D. Johnson, Senior Counsel
Construction Litigation, Environmental Litigation, Land Use Litigation, Business Litigation, Real Estate Litigation
Office: (714) 451-7875

Susan A. Blush, Associate Attorney
Subrogation, Commercial Collections, Business Litigation
Office: (714) 451-7919

Amber N. Kim, Associate Attorney
Surety, Subrogation
Office: (714) 451-7371

Lauren B. Stec, Associate Attorney
Construction Litigation, Business Litigation, Creditors’ Rights
Office: (714) 451-7832

Thomas M. Padian, Associate Attorney
Construction Litigation, Commercial Collections, Surety Law
Office: (714) 451-7921

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