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What to Know About Administrative Proceedings

What to Know About Administrative Proceedings Here’s what you need to know about administrative proceedings. Administrative proceedings are quasi-judicial in nature. They are similar to court proceedings where you can present evidence (such as documents, pictures, invoices, etc.) and witness…
March 7, 2023

Employment Law – Services We Offer

Employment law is an important field, and employment law attorneys provide valuable services for companies. At Lanak & Hanna, we offer advice and counseling to employers who are facing employee disputes and claims of various types. That includes litigation and…
December 13, 2022
Covid 19 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy in a Global Pandemic

With Pandemic comes Bankruptcy. The United States Bankruptcy Courts have reflected an astonishing increase in Bankruptcy filings since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic in early March. It’s not just Hertz Rental Car and J.C. Penney that are feeling the…
June 16, 2020